Meet Quinetta

Entrepreneur, Author, Mom and Motivational Speaker

Quinetta Johnson is an amazing speaker, motivator and author who pushes her audience to push past their comfort zone and motivates them to pursue greatness. She motivates women to embrace the person that they are and press their way to their destiny. Quinetta has a unique ability to grab the attention of others to help them see who they really are. 

Quinetta’s latest journey has been empowering those who have lost a child. In her recent book From Grief to Glory, (her 30 day devotional) she connects with those who have endured the pain of losing a child. In her book she is able to provide information to help others heal during their own grieving process. Quinetta has become the voice to so many that felt they were alone during this hard part of their life.

Today Quinetta is a successful motivational speaker and author and her ultimate goal is to empower women of all walks of life and help those who are grieving the loss of their child. In doing so many will be set free and empowered to move forward in life as they move toward their destiny. Quinetta believes that all can be empowered and motivated to reach their fullest potential.

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Quinetta Johnson